Thursday, May 26, 2011

(Review) Georges DuBoeuf 2008 Beaujolais Special Selection

Mystique: 1-10 points
Score: 8
always heard it was good

Color: 1-10 points
Score: 9
nice red maroon

Scent: 1-10 points
Score: 7
grapes, wine, flowers

Initial Impression: 1-10 points
Score: 9

Mouthfeel: 1-10 points
Score: 9
nice and light no coating

Taste: 1-10 x 4 points
Score: 36
fruity/grape light tannin, pleasant

Raw Score Total: 78

Bonus Points: Value 1-10 points
Score: 9
9.99 a bottle

TOTAL SCORE: 87 points

I certainly am not pretending to be a wine connoisseur, but I drink wine fairly often, usually with meals and I do know what I like. I liked this wine. I purchased it to have with dinner and guests that didn't really like red wine. I don't often subscribe to the this goes with red, that goes with white as I feel you should really drink what you like, but I was trying to give them a choice. I was in search of a lighter red that they might actually drink. After a bit of searching on "the google" I found that Beaujolais is usually called into service for just this function. It has a nice history about being the first wine of the year and being raced to market every November from France to points all over the world. A tradition, that was made more public by the Georges DuBoeuf winery and their reputation. Hence my choice. The wine is a nice maroon color and looks like a real red wine not like one of those rose colored things they try to pass off to non red drinkers. It nose is very floral and grapes. So far so good. It felt light on the tongue like a white and was very fruity and just pleasant in general with just a hint of tanin. It has a clean finish and dosen't stick with you very long. It's a very nice light red. I was surprised as were my guests that they were even considering and enjoying a red wine. It went with the beautifully cooked steaks I prepared and accented the pasta. A great choice for dinner and at 10 bucks what's not to like. Keep it in mind if you don't like red wine or you are looking for an alternative to offer guests.

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