Thursday, April 14, 2011

(Review) Beefeater Gin 94 proof

Mystique: 1-10 points
Score: 7
It’s always been rail gin

Color: 1-10 points
Score: 7
hard to say its clear like gin should be

Scent: 1-10 points
Score: 4
alcohol, overpowering, medicine-y, juniper and fennel

Initial Impression: 1-10 points
Score: 9
established brand, cool bottle, history

Mouth feel: 1-10 points
Score: 7
feels light like it evaporates in your mouth

Taste: 1-10 x 4 points
Score: 24
instant burn / overwhelming botanicals

Raw score total: 58 points
Bonus Points:
Value: 1-10 points
Score: 5
It's priced too high right under premium gins
Total Score: 63 points

I received this as a Christmas gift because I wanted the really cool red glass shaker it came with, but I'm sure I must have tried it before and don't remember. This gin has been around since 1820 and for a lot of people it may be the bottle they think of when they think gin. It a distinguished looking square glass bottle with the English Beefeater on it, you know the guys in the red suits with the funny hats that stand guard at the towers of London. It has a reputation of being an example of what London Dry Gin should be, but If you only ever tasted this as an example of gin I think you'd be doing gin a dis-service. Even though the company claims it to be thoughtfully blended and crafted it has no refinement or smoothness to it. It smells like rubbing alcohol with something mixed in it. This may be due to the high proofing. It doesn't have a smooth combined nose, one sip and it overpowered my sense of smell. The taste is harsh and overpowering. I tried it straight and that was awful my mouth was totally overpowered by burn and botanicals. In a g&t I still found it too strong, even overpowering the quinine and lime. I finally mixed it in a Singapore Sling and it worked. The aroma was blended in with the other ingredients and it kept a refreshing snap. I would use this for rail gin only in mixers and strong flavored ones at that. I think the company is trying to market this as a top shelf product. Pricing is just below premium gins and it's just too high in my opinion. I won’t be keeping this as my rail gin, but if you like very strong flavors or drink very sweet mixed drinks by all means try it.

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