Tuesday, December 20, 2011

(Cocktail Recipes) Holiday

I haven't run away yet, just got kinda busy and didn't feel like blogging, but I have some holiday cheer for you, and I figured I'd better get this up so there's still time to buy some ingredients.

I was thinking of some holiday cocktails, and when I went looking I saw lots of the same old stuff. If you go looking you'll find lots of recipe's for traditional drinks like mead or very heavy and sweet dessert cocktails and coffee. This was all well and good when you need something warming and stout, but most of us will be flitting to office and house parties where it's plenty warm and there's plenty of food. We don't need anything nearly that heavy, so here's some suggestions for some lighter cocktails that still give you some Christmas color or flavor.

1.) Looking for something tasty and elegant? Try a French 75. This sparkling cocktail is light to drink and full of flavor.

3 oz Dry Champagne
3 oz London Gin (that's right I said put the gin in your champagne)
1 oz Lemon juice
1/2 - 1 Tsp of powdered sugar
Add a twist of lemon or drop a cherry in it

This drink works best if you mix the gin, lemon juice and sugar in a shaker and pour it into the Champagne then stir. Serve in a Collins glass

2.) Planters Punch (Red) A simple classic you can adjust up to make party size punch.

3 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Lemon Juice
1 oz Grenadine
Club Soda

To give it a little mystery flavor add some Orgeat Syrup.

Mix in a shaker and top with club soda

3.) The Grasshopper (Green)
This classic cocktail has fallen out of favor as of late, but if you like mint chocolate chip anything you'll probably like it. It's creamy but not nearly as heavy as many of those eggnog concoctions.

1.5 oz Creme DE Cacao (white)
1.5 oz Creme DE Menthe (green)
3 oz Fresh Cream

Mix in a shaker and serve in a martini glass garnish with sprig of mint.

4.) The Chinese (RED)
See review and recipe here

5.) The Dark and Stormy (Winter Solstice) It's dark and mysterious looking but pretty light on your stomach.

3-6 oz Dark or Black Rum (Did someone say Goslings?)
12 oz Ginger Beer (Find it, do not use ginger ale it will ruin it, it needs the snap)
Dash of Lime Juice and a Lime wedge garnish.

Mix in a Collins Glass. Just fill it up with Rum and add the ginger beer as you drink it ;)

Bonus 6.) The Alligator (Green) (I can only find this listed as an Alligator in one location, but I altered it. I'd call it a Ten-Forward as it looks like something served in that Famous Star Trek lounge. It's Tiki Drink Style, A little sweet, Smooth, Easy to Drink and Lots of Alcohol.)

3 oz Vodka
3 oz Melon Liqueur
1 oz Triple Sec
1 oz Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp powered Sugar
6 oz Orange Juice

Mix in a shaker and pour into a Collins Glass.

Cheers to You! I hope Your Holidays will be Merry!

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