Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Cocktail Recipe) El Presidente's Mai Tai Punch

This is my take on the original Mai Tai. I've scaled it up so you can make it as a punch for parties and gatherings and it wont get you so schnockered after 2 of them. It still packs a wallop though.

6 oz dark rum
6oz light rum
2oz coconut rum
1oz apricot or peach brandy
1oz other fruity brandy like blackberry
24oz pineapple juice
24oz Sunkist orange soda
Mix in 1 gallon container, Shake, Pour over ice packed glass add orange and pineapple wedges to garnish with a paper umbrella.

(Do not sub any other orange soda. Sunkist is the only orange soda with caffeine and all that rum will make you sleepy, you want the party to be lively :)

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