Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Ratings System

I tried to come up with a ratings system for reviews that mimicked the scores of wine reviewing so there is a relative standard scale for comparisons to other peoples reviews. After researching the topic I've noticed that many of the criteria for these kind of ratings are arbitrary and based on the particular reviewers experience. I've come up with the following categories and feel they are important to give the overall impression of the libation in question.

The point system:
Mystique: 0-10 (does it have a reputation?)
Colour: 0-10 (what does it look like?)
Scent: 0-10 (how does it smell?)
Initial: 0-10 (what do I think before tasing it.)
Feel: 0-10 (what's it like in my mouth?)
Taste: 0-10*4 (how does it taste?)
Value 0-10 (Is it a good buy?)
Final Score: ?/100

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