Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Review) Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (86 proof)

Mystique: 1-10 points
Score: 2

Color: 1-10 points
Score: 8

Scent: 1-10 points
Score: 8

Initial Impression: 1-10 points
Score: 5

Mouthfeel: 1-10 points
Score: 6

Taste: 1-10 x 4 points
Score: 32

Raw Score Total: 61 points

Bonus Points:
Value: 1-10 points
Score: 10

Total Score: 71 points

Evan Williams Bourbon, a good solid bourbon at a great price. I like this bourbon. It's my everyday brand at home, but I have to say it needs it's own identity. The label and bottles are touted on the website as being proprietary and they seem quite proud of the gold foil script, but lets face the facts. When you think black label bourbon in a square bottle and you think ‘Jack Daniels’. It's the marketing. I can't find a reason that the bourbon labels are black or why you would want to look like your major competitor. If you look at Evan Williams website you get the feeling that this bourbon is older, more established and maybe they had the black label first, but I can say they lost the marketing war. They are the number 2 selling bourbon and they need to look different. I think this every time I buy a bottle and look at it on the shelf. I'm not sure if they have more dominance in the deep south, but that looks like where their marketing is aimed. They sponsor bass fishing and they seem to gear their marketing toward the American outdoor lifestyle.

I'm only waxing on about this because I feel bad about the low score on a very good bourbon. It's aged 7 years and tastes smooth and buttery with a very prominent spice and a slight burn on the back end. It's not for sweet bourbon drinkers. If you think Makers Mark is the best ever you probably won't like this, but try it and see if I can change your mind. It's that spicy taste on the back end. It reminds me of my favorite rye whiskey and matched with that buttery-ness up front it smooths out to a mellow and tasty whiskey. If you pour some in the glass you'll notice a rich amber hue and nice bourbon smell. It's kinda buttery and a little sugary with a waft of vanilla. You take a sip and notice it goes down smooth with that spice and slight burn on the back end but it has no oily type residue. You can enjoy this on the rocks but it really shines in a Mint Julep. If you prefer, try it with coke and see if you don't switch to it for everyday use. Lastly. the price: It's the best bang for the buck. A handle, if they had those will run you under 25 bucks and your getting a quality bourbon that will taste better and more true to form than some bourbons costing 3 times as much. I'm sorry for the low score for such a great bourbon, but in the words of a sage from my childhood Be someone important, be yourself.

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